Having always gravitated to the beauty and influence of design from a very early age, I have continually found inspiration in the colors, textures and patterns of fashion. Another inspired passion of mine is travel, where I likewise draw design concepts from varying cultural motifs, colors and textures. The diversity of my style is reflected in the range of my clients’ projects, and my design goal is to tell a story through the layered visuals of my designs through a classic, modern design approach.

With over 30 years experience as a designer and over 20 years experience as a real estate agent, I bring a level of personal design and expertise with a real estate mindset and advice. It is my priority to design with the client in mind, to create a space that incorporates items and pieces that reflect who they are. It is additionally crucial to take into account how a client lives, and therefore creating a space that is elevated and elegant, yet approachable and comfortable.

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